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Rely on the rich experience in the general-purpose engine research and its excellent research ability.We steps the research on the multi-cylinder diesels.all of them are the ideal power for farming vehicles/engineering machines/generator sets/water pump.
We target to apply  diesel to the marines cars and industry devices.At present,We multi-cylinder diesels include thrres series,namely,three-cylinder diesels,four-cylinder diesels and six-cylinder diesels.
Anyhow, We will never stop its efforts to enlarge the family of its multi-cylinder diesels.

New Technique
1) CAD/CAF/CAM technology
Inducted the computer technology from the reference design to later period's analysis confirmation and the product process of manufacture, reduces the design cycle effectively, the formidable simulation parsing technique has avoided the mistake which in the later period process of manufacture possibly appears.
2) Turbo-charged and turbo-charged cold technology
Has used the variable air admission section pressure intensifier, and reduces the inlet temperature through the effective air admission cooling technology, makes diesel engine's efficiency to enhance largely, simultaneously realizes reduces the emissions oil consumption the goal.
3)Electrically controlled fuel oil precise spraying technology
Uses the electrically controlled monomer pump simultaneously gathers including parameters,accelerator, rotational speed, manifold pressure, temperature, water temperature and so on, according to the need of diesel engine different operating mode, realizes through ECU to the distributive value, control the injection timing, causes the spraying oil mass to be more precise, thus guaranteed that the diesel engine may achieve optimized in the entire operating region the economical performance and the emission behavior.
4) The high-pressured altogether axle electricity spurts the technology
In high-pressured oil pump, pressure transmitter and in the electronic control unit composition's closed-loop system, the river injection pressure's production and spraying process each other is completely separated, transports from the high-pressured oil pump the high-pressured fuel oil to the public fuel supply pipe, realizes the accuracy control through the public fuel supply pipe's flowing tubing head pressure, causes the high-pressure oil pipe pressure size to have nothing to do with engine's rotational speed, may reduce the diesel engine discharge head large scale along with the engine speed change degree.
5) Four tire valve technologies
Increased large scale has entered, the exhaust flow area, entered, the exhaust efficiency high with. In the structure uses through the throwout lever actuates the tire valve bridge's way to realize tire valve's make and break. And realizes in the spray hole to set smoothly, the blow atomizes is evener, the combustion is fuller, the economy is better.
6) Air intake optimization techniques
Optimization design's air intake, can produce the even more intake swirl, realizes the air admission and the fuel best mix, the combustion is fuller, the efficiency is higher, the emissions is better.
7) Non-pressure chamber spray hole technology
To reduce HC effectively the withdrawal, and causes the FGR control system and an electrically controlled fuel injection system more effective work, after must improve which, the traditional spray hole pressure type structure forms spurts. After the optimization uses the non-pressure chamber spray hole, blow each time is more effective, breaks the oil even more simply, after ceasing, burns the phenomenon, the fuel oil efficiency is better.
8) Absorption of shock balancing technique
Four cylinders machine match the built-in double staff which elects, utilizes the blue balanced system technology, maximum limit suppresses diesel engine's vibration, and reduces the noise effectively.
9) Internal recycling EGR control technology
Realizes the part through the cybertron internal recycling to abandon with the air admission mix, reduces combustion chamber's oxygen content, makes the combustion to be even more gentle. The quota waste gas control technology's application, achieved reduced NOx effectively the goal.
10) Water cooling EGR control technology
The higher stage's emission control, abandons in diesel engine's exterior circulates in the pipeline to join the water cooling installment again, the active control circulates again the waste gas temperature, and controls the waste gas to enter air intake's current capacity, thus further reduces NOx the production and enhances the fuel oil efficiency.
11) Shrinks the mouth combustion chamber technology
Shrinks when the mouth combustion can have the bigger intake turbulance, realizes the best air, the fuel proportion, achieves burns completely. The piston curl and the cylinder jacket use newest craft carries on the match, reduces the friction, enhances the leak-proof quality, reduces the exhaust gas discharge.
12) Exhaust post-processing technology
EGR+POC and the EGR-DPF these two kind of technology route, is uses methods and so on control combustion temperature in within the aircraft to reduce the nitrogen oxide production, the particle which (particle catalyzed oxidation) or DPF (particle trap) the opposite becomes using POC carries on the post-processing again.
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