Diesel Welding Generator Set

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  • Diesel Welding Generator Set CDE6500SW CDE7500SW3As a China diesel welding genset manufacturer, we have been manufacturing air cooled generators, water cooled generators, diesel water pumps, diesel generator sets, and more products. With reliable quality and low power ...
Supply welding and generating dual use diesel generator sets.Power supply range is from 2KW to 5KW.This generator set is developed based on latest technology by  which has a long history for producing generator sets.Because the power supply for welding is Self-driven,it can be used in building the railway,freeway ,port,oil field,chemical plant,building,construction etc.Self-excitation and constant voltage(AVR) enhance the electricity performance.Lightweight and compact design improve maneuverability and save more storage space.

Sepcial Feature
One unit,dual function
We original technology gives birth to such an advanced product with dual functions-welding & gererating ,which brings more economical products for the consumer.
Perfect welding
The unit can achieve perfect waveform of the welding voltage by utilizing IGBT and PWM Technology.Non-flucting welding current high quality welding operation.
We THREE PHASE WELDING  FEATURE:Concentration Three fucnctions in one body,single phase voltage output,three phase voltage output ,welding current output. This  is a multi-function machine,the best choice for you.
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