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  • Diesel Generator Set CDE7500X(E) CDE7500X3(E3)1. Our diesel generator sets come with a new AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator), which delivers non-fluctuating power. 2. They are powered by powerful diesel engine. 3. Optional electric ...
  • Diesel Generator Set CDE6500S CDE7500S CDE7500S33. These diesel generator sets are ideal for home emergency use or as standby power supply. 4. They have large fuel tanks, which work to ensure hours of continuous output. 5. Advanced direct fuel injection ...
Features and Benefits
A new AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)delivers non-fluctuating power
Powerful  CH170F,CH178F,CH186FA diesel engine.
Optional electric starter and use easily and conveniently.
Low oil pressure alert system shuts down the engine automatically.

Special Feature
CE Certification

Auto-depression unit
Applying and auto-depression unit to all generator sets for a quick and easy starting.

Low Noise Running
High effective combustion system ensures completely combustion,besides,a large silencer dampens exhaust noise and engine sounds which are contained by a double-wall structure and absorbed by a liner.

Low Oil pressure Alarm System
Before the oil leval drops to the limited level,the generator set will stop automatically the whole set can be restarted only after the oil is refilled.

Standard Control Panel ABB breaker Lighting protection

Standard control units of the generator sets are on the panel,besides;optional LCD monitor of the panel will display real-time working data of the generator set such as its working hours;voltage and Frequency etc.

Advanced Alternator Winding
Waveform distortion is dept at a minimum level and output is stable.the winding design protects the generator from short circuit and provides a stable output while running inductive loads.

Automatic Transfer Switch
On the inheriting of the original general-purpose generator set ,We diesel generator sets with a  made Automatic Transfer Switch.ATS,in its preset intervals,can automatically check and monitor the running of the gensets to ensure the genset in good working condition.meanwhile,ATS will monitor the utility power,if utility power fails or the voltage and frequency of the utility power become abnormal,ATS will give commands to start the genset automatically.

Once utility power is restored,ATS shifts your load back to utility power(mains power),and shuts down the generator sets.
  • Super Silent Generator1. Strong Power, Used Four Stroke Engine. 2. Lw Noise, Optimization Structure Design, Reduce ...