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  • Gasloine Air Cooled EngineArtful injection system assures the very efficiency of the injection.Besides,the precise injection pump and the direct-injection system lead the fuel consumption to and ideal level.What’s more,wonderful air-intake and adequate combustion make a lower emission of CH186FA,which can meet the ...

Air cooled engine is a kind of engine applying air as the cooling medium. It is built with several cooling plates on the outside of the cylinder and the cylinder lid. A fan is also adopted to blow the cool air through those plates and take away the heat of the engine. Air cooled engine are generally simple in structure, light in weight, easy to use and maintain, fast to start, and highly adaptable to the weather. Requiring no radiator, it is generally adopted in motorbikes and some military vehicles and trucks. Air cooled engine is also applied in areas that are short of water, since it does not require water as the cooling medium.

Low fuel consumption, low emission
SAE connection dimensions
Bosch injector, SKF main bearing
Vertical / horizontal shaft outputs
The steady speed-governing ration ≤3%, complying with military standard
Unique & compact structure, light weight

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