Gasloine Air Cooled Engine

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Gasloine Air Cooled Engine
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Direct injection combustion system
New type fuel injection system And combustion system ensure you maximum Power from every drop of diesel And miniaturize exhaust fo waste gas.

Low noise and stable
Its fan cover made by low noise composite stee And specially designedlarge exhaust Muffler combines to form a silent machine ELEAL’s unique balancer shaft diminishes the vibration.

Efficient air cleaner system
High-performance air-filtering structure Device suitable for various environments in short. Special new oil bath air-filter ideal for Long-term work on any rouhg dusty worksite.

Compact in structure and small in size
With tough but light-weght alloy used for main engine parts. And extra tough crankshaft. And overall simplifed structure the we is a compact package power.

Multi-choice PTO shafts
With a choice many kinds of PTO coupling available, Wherever compact tough crankshaft. And overall simplifed structure the we is a compact package power.

Recoil manual starter
A short and smooth pull of the toggle kicks off the engine. As simple as its gasoline cousin It is made easy by a special auto retum decompressor And We is own efficient combustion system Electric starting is also a useful option.

Unique driving system
The neatly-design drive gear is adopted by the latest  diesel engine,which will greatly rduce the vibration and low down the noise.

Excellent injection technology
Artful injection system assures the very efficiency of the injection.Besides,the precise injection pump and the direct-injection system lead the fuel consumption to and ideal level.What’s more,wonderful air-intake and adequate combustion make a lower emission of CH186FA,which can meet the EPA.

Advanced noise-reduce design
The high efficient muffler greatly lows down the noise during exhaust;with the help of the air cleaner,the air intake noises can be reduced ot the lowest level.The high intensity of the cylinder block and cover as well as the timing configuration of the reasonable intake/delivery also help to reduce the noise of the set.

Model CG160 CG200 CG280 CG390

Model CG160 CG200 CG280 CG390
Engine Type Single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke, OHV
Bore × Stroke (mm) 68×45 68×54 78×58 88×64
Displacement (cc) 163 196 277 389
Compression ratio 8.5:1 8.5:1 8.2:1 8.0:1
Max. Power/Max. Speed (HP/rpm) 5.5/3600 6.5/3600 9.0/3600 13/3600
Max. Torque (N.m) 9.7 10.8 16.5 22.6
The lowest stable speed at zero load(r/min) ≤ 1440
Lubricating System Splashed
Starting system Recoil starter Recoil starter or electric starter
Ignition system CDI CDI CDI CDI
Spark plug F6TC F6TC F9TC F9TC
Rotation direction (fact to the flywheel) Anti-clockwise
Fuel type Automotive unleaded gasoline
Fuel tank capacity 3.6 3.6 6 6.5
The lowest fuel consumption (g/kw h) 390 417.1 360 353.9
Lube oil type CD Grade or SAE10W-30, 15W-40
Lube oil capacity (L) 0.6 0.6 1.1 1.1
Overall Dimension: L×W×H(mm) 305×365×340 320×380×340 380×435×416 405×452×435
Net. Weight (kg) 16 16 25 31