Diesel Welding Generator Set CDE6500SW CDE7500SW3

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Diesel Welding Generator Set CDE6500SW CDE7500SW3
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Specifications of Diesel Welding Genset
Model CDE6500SW CDE7500SW3
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 60 50 60
Rated Output (KVA) 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.3
Rated Voltage (V) 115/230 120/240 220/380 230/400
Rated Current (A) 39.1/19.5 41.6/20.8 8.4 8.0
Phase NO. Single phase Three phase
Power Factor (cosφ) 1.0 0.8
Welding voltage at zero load (DC)(V) 65-70
Rated welding current DC(A) 160
Rated welding voltage(DC)(V) 25-30
Welding load continous ratio 60%
Welding current adjustment range(A) 50-180
Electrode φ (mm) 1.6-4.0
Excitation mode Self-excitation and constant voltage(AVR)
Rectifying mode IGBT+Nine-phase rectifying bridge(PWIN)
Insulation grade F
Pole number 2
Noise Level(7m) db(A) 72
Structure Type Slient
Engine Model CH186FA
Engine Type Single-cylinder,Four-stroke,air-cooled,direct injection
Cylinder No.-Bore × Stroke (mm) 86x72
Displacement (ml) 418
Rated Power(HP/RPM) 7.6/3000 8.4/3600
Compression Ratio 19.1:1
Ignition System Ignition Module(CDI)
Cooling System Air cooled
Lubrication System Pressure splashed
Starting System Electric starter
Fuel Type 0#(summer),-10#(winter),-20#(chillness)diesel
Lube Oil Brand CD grade or SAE10W-30,15W-40
Lube Capacity (L) 1.65
Starting Motor Capacity (V-KW) 12V 0.8KW
Battery Capacity (V-Ah) 12V 36AH
Fuel Consumption (g/KW. h) ≤281
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 12
Continous Running Time (Hr) 7
Overall Dimension: LxWxH (mm) 920x550x740 935x550x740
Net weight (KG) 160 160
Gross weight (KG) 170 170

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