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About Us
We was established in 2001. We are a professional manufacturer of generators, water pumps, water-cooled engines, and air-cooled engines. Located in Fuzhou city of Fujian province, China, we have easy access to transportation facilities by land, sea and air. In our 10 years of development, We has grown into an international generator, water pump, and engine manufacturer with strong technical support and productivity. We are based on 9 acres, with 5 production and assembly lines, 12 generator, engine, and electro-motor inspection lines, and a complete fitting assembly system. Our annual production of mini engines, generators, water pumps, and diesel engines has reached 300,000 units. With growing demand for our products in the market, we have set a new goal of researching and manufacturing even better high-performance, low-emission mini motors, to contribute to the preservation of our environment.

Products and Applications
We's major products include air-cooled generators, water-cooled generators, air-cooled engines, water-cooled engines, diesel-water pumps, gasoline-water pumps, portable light towers, and micro-farm machines, among others.
Our air-cooled generators and water-cooled generators are powered by advanced diesel engines. Their features include: compact structure, light weight, low-fuel consumption, low noise and vibration, and more. They are widely used for emergency power supplies in hotels, banks, fire-fighting, hospitals, telecommunication, mining, etc.
Our diesel water pumps and gasoline-water pumps are widely used for irrigation and cleaning applications, on croplands, roads, in orchards, gardens, garages, etc.
Our portable light towers are widely used for firefighting, outdoor construction, national defense, rescue, mining, motion detection, and other applications.
Compared with similar products in the international market, We products are very economical, and are popular with our clients in over 70 countries and regions like Brazil, Argentina, USA, Germany, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, UAE, South Africa, Egypt, and more.

Quality Control
We is extremely thorough in performing quality inspections of raw materials, so our products are made only of the highest quality for our customers.
We's quality assurance department strictly implements ISO9001 standards to each production detail. They also carry out physical and chemical tests on key parts and materials so as to ensure their optimal mechanical performance.
We performs a series of tests on the safety and applicability of our new products. We promise to never release an inferior product that does not meet the national standards.
If any product is found to be faulty, we will recall it, or have it repaired on-site, in addition to providing compensation for the inconvenience.

Cost Control
We uses the Taiwanese ERP management system, EDI, integrated module production management system, quality control system, purchasing management system, stock management system, finance management system, marketing management system, after-sale management system, human resource management system, business-intelligence management system, and importing and exporting system, to ensure the smooth operation of our company. Effective management of our company reduces our labor, purchasing, advertising, and other costs, thus reducing our overall production costs.

Technical Support
We have established a technical center where we: continually import advanced technologies and management experience, develop new technologies, train technicians, and more.

In 2006, We's diesel generators CED6000E, CED6000T, CED5000E, and CED3000E were CE certified.
In 2008, We was awarded with the ISO9001: 2000 certificate.
In 2009, We's diesel engine 9FZCL.418F86 was EPA certified, and many of our leading products are SON certified. We were also ISO9001: 2008 certified.

Delivery Time
For large machines and their samples, the minimum delivery date is 37 days after your order - the normal delivery date is in 45 days.
The minimum delivery for our small machines and their samples is 25 days.

After Sale Services
We offers a one-year or 1000-hour warranty for its products. During the warranty, we promise to return your call within 30 minutes, have a solution within 3 hours, and have the problem solved within 3 days.

We are an air-cooled generator, water-cooled generator, and water-pump manufacturer who also offers OEM services. Please feel free to contact us for more information!
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