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Generator, Water Pump Manufacturer In China

We is a manufacturer of air-cooled generators, water-cooled generators, and water-pumps, which are used in a variety of applications, all over the world. Our air-cooled engines and water-cooled engines have a catalytic-exhaust purifier and an optimized, air-fuel mixing ratio. This puts them in accordance with the Euro II and U.S. EPA gas emission standards. From these products, we expanded to providing air-cooled generators, water-cooled generators, diesel-water pumps, gasoline-water pumps, portable-light towers, micro-farm machines, and more. Our generators are widely popular in hotels, hospitals, mines, telecommunications, and other domestic and outdoor applications for emergency power supply. Our diesel-water pumps and gasoline-water pumps are applied to orchards, gardens, croplands, and more, for irrigation and cleaning applications.

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As a new generator and water-pump manufacturer, we can easily apply new technologies, and thus provide superior products, which have excellent energy conservation and low emission levels. Our air-cooled generators use electronic-fuel injection technologies, which greatly reduces their fuel consumption. In addition, new technologies like noise reduction catalysts, automatic switching, and remote controls are also used in our diesel generators and gasoline generators. Among these technologies, the use of an accelerant device reduces the emission of CO and other toxic gases into our atmosphere. With these new technologies, our leading products: air-cooled generators, water-cooled generators, air-cooled engines, water-cooled engines, etc., have been awarded with SON, CE, and EPA certificates.
We strive not only for environmental protection, but also for high quality and cost control. We have assigned specific, quality-assurance personnel to each detail from material purchasing, machining, and assembling, to painting and packaging. Before being released to the market, each generator goes through thorough quality control testing of its power, current, insulation conditions, sudden loading and unloading capacity, automatic control functions, etc. In addition, our complete quality inspection system further ensures that each of our air-cooled generators, water-cooled generators, engines, water pumps, and micro-farm machines are 100% standard.

To reduce production costs, we have implemented an ERP management system, which to optimizes the use of materials and our resource supply. As a China manufacturer, we enjoy low-cost materials, labor, and land. Therefore, we can produce high-quality air-cooled generators, water-cooled generators, air-cooled engines, and water-cooled engines at lower costs than our competitors. In 2008 and 2009, we were awarded with ISO9001:2000 and ISO9001:2008 certificates.
Of generator manufacturers and purchasers around the globe, We has built a good reputation for our reliable quality and customer services. Our air-cooled generators, water-cooled generators, air-cooled engines, water-cooled engines, and other products come with 1 year or 1000 running-hours warranty. They are now exported to over 70 countries and regions, including: the US, France, Mexico, Germany, Malaysia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, Vietnam, Burma, Brazil, Argentina, etc.
Located in Fuzhou, we enjoy access to convenient transportation by land, sea, or air. Therefore, we can acquire our materials more cheaply, and can ship our products at reduced costs to our customers. We also provide OEM service, upon request. Please feel free to contact us for more information.